GTO Program


We believe that the most effective way for you and your customers to fully appreciate the quality, comfort and durability of Benchmark products is to actually touch, feel and wear test them.

Under the Benchmark GTO or Guaranteed Trial Order program you and your customers can try up to three of our products. If you decide to purchase at least twelve pieces of each trialed product within three months of receipt of product, we will fully refund the cost of your initial GTO purchase. If you decide Benchmark FR is not for you, simply return a mandatory completed feedback form with the trial product and we will refund your GTO purchase.

There is a limit to the number of products and frequency by which the Guarantees Trial Order purchases can be made. End users cannot purchase directly from Benchmark and will be billed by a distributor. Refunds will be made promptly and do not include any shipping costs incurred. Custom options are not allowed. Feedback and purchases must be made within 90 days of ship date.

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