Private Label

Benchmark is a "real" manufacturer, not a marketing company. We have more capacity, technology and authenticity than almost any other manufacturer of flame resistant clothing in the United States. If you have a need or an idea that involves flame resistant technology, we can help you.

YOUR BRAND (Private Label)

If you can't beat them join them….come join us! Benchmark manufactures and "private labels" FR clothing for many customers. Sometimes it can be as easy as adding a customer's custom label. In other cases, we develop clothing based on design and fit requirements. We are the manufacturer of both the fabric and garments which allows us to offer a multiple listing of our UL certifications and arc flash testing, making your FR brand a high quality, code compliant product with a decade of testing and experience behind it. All private label FR clothing is individually serialized, offering the same traceability of BenchmarkFR products. Private label manufacturing is available for both Made in the USA and imported flame resistant clothing. All private label client names and products are held in strict confidence.

O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Over the years, we have helped design and develop components for other manufacturers. One example is an anti-static, flame resistant ducting with a 90 degree elbow for a fan manufacturer. If you have a unique need, we may be able to help. All development work in done is strict privacy.


Necessity is the mother of all invention. Some of the best ideas have come from confidential conversations with people who live and work in the trenches. If you have an idea you believe will solve a problem for your work crew, we can help bring it to life. If you wish to seek patent protection in the future, we will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement and help you develop and bring your passion to market.


We have developed specialty fabrics for specific and unique needs. One example is flame resistant & waterproof material for FR leg gaiters. Another more complex example would be the development of a Hi-Visibility, rip-stop, arc resistant, flash fire resistant and lightweight fabric for an underground mining company. If you have a unique need, we can help design and manufacture a custom solution for you.


If you or your customer have a need for a custom color, we can help make it happen. We can pretty much make any color in the spectrum and pride ourselves on color accuracy and consistency.


If you need for custom fitting FR clothing, we can help you look great and be code compliant. That's because we have made almost every size from 3X-Small to 10X-Large and all points in between. All you need to do is send us a non-FR garment that fits well. We will measure it, create a custom pattern and manufacture your custom FR. We will send your non FR garment back in about a week with the sleeves hacked off (Not Really!). Your garment will be fine. In about three weeks, three sets of your soon to be favorite FR clothing will arrive at your door, ready to wear!