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Better FR Matters
At Benchmark FR® we are committed to one thing, manufacturing the world’s best arc and flame resistant clothing. Since 2002 we have developed and produced some of the lightest, highest quality and cost effective FRC’s from materials which outperform the competition. We are typically softer, lighter and are UL certified. We guaranteed that if your FR has the Benchmark FR logo, then it is going to be the most advanced, skin safe FR clothing you can purchase. Learn more.
USA Innovation
We are committed to “Made in the USA” and use advanced manufacturing techniques to produce 80% of our products locally. Since 2002 Benchmark has provided the highest quality FR clothing by incorporating automation with highly skilled workers. Our innovative production techniques and dedicated workforce allow us to be cost competitive when compared to cheap FR imports. By being in control of our manufacturing, it makes it possible to react quickly to stock-outs, prototypes, custom sizes and private label FR clothing programs.
Serial Numbers & Warranty
We are the only flame resistant clothing manufacturer to develop a serialized tracking system for our full line of FR shirts, pants, coveralls and jackets. We track everything from fabric, testing and components to who sewed it and where it shipped. We are the first “FRC” manufacturer to use a comprehensive system to extend a warranty ranging from one year on clothing to unconditional lifetime on accessories for free repair from the day it ships. Click here for details.
FR Outlet and FR Portals
Benchmark is available on our website and through a select number of US and International distributors. We recently launched the FR Outlet where we discount FR clothing that is being phased out or overstocked. For companies who are tired of uniform rental companies, we have developed the "FR Portals" program where we provide, and host, a company specific FR portal for your crews flame resistant clothing. These have proven to be easy for the companies and cost effective.