We have a ‘secret menu’ of alterations available to customers on most of our garments.

- Leg & Sleeve Extensions

- Pen Pocket: Add to your shirt or coverall sleeve.

- Double Knee: Add to your pants or coveralls.

- Custom Hem Length

- Shorten Sleeves: Alter shirts, coveralls and outerwear.

- Leg Zippers: Add 12” zippers to your coverall legs.

- Remove Elastic From Waist: Coveralls



We have made 3X-Small to 10X-Large and almost everything between. If you have a need for a custom fitting FR we can help make code compliant and custom clothing to fit. The easiest way is to for you to send us a “like” garment which we measure, create a custom pattern and then manufacture your custom fit FR. By a “like” garment we mean if you want a button up shirt, simply send us your favorite non-FR button front shirt. Within a week we will send it back unharmed after taking its specifications. A few weeks later three sets of you soon to be favorite FR clothing will arrive at your door!

Disabled American Veterans

Many veterans of foreign wars are returning to the workforce. Some have sacrificed a limb or dexterity in the name of our country. At no cost we will alter any Benchmark FR garment for an American Disabled American veteran. In the past this has been full length leg zippers for prosthetics or larger pulls on zippers for easier exiting. We give preference to hiring veterans and it gives us pride to give back to those who gave first.